Naked Filter Shipment Update

Naked Filter Shipment Update

Getting shipments out ASAP is a goal that motivates us everyday and we've been working our tails off to get there. We had been holding off making an update in hopes that we could get to the point where we could announce specific shipping dates. Unfortunately, this week we noticed a few further issues with what we had expected would be our final ready to ship product. We want to address these to make sure you get the great final product you deserve. So, we will announce a shipping date as soon as we know.  

But, we are extremely excited to share with you how close we are getting! Over the last few weeks we’ve passed a number of significant gates:

  • Filter production is up and running on a continuous basis 
  • Full scale bottle production started this week 
  • Logistics and fulfillment systems have been established so we can actually get boxes in the mail. (This is not as easy as it sounds, believe me) You will receive an automated email with a tracking number when your reward ships. 

To show you how close we really are here are some photo updates:

Final (aesthetic) bottle, filter and cap

Bottle packed out as you will receive it in the mail. Includes user instructions, hangtag, sticker, bagged cap, bagged/sealed filter inside bottle, and bottle

Detail showing the exterior of our shipping/product boxes. We specially designed this box so the product can be both shipped and displayed in this box eliminating the need for a shipping box and reducing waste.
Boxes in our facility prepped to be packed out and shipped.

Naked Filters, bagged and ready to be packed out for shipment

Thank you again for your continued patience. Placing a pre-order is a leap of faith and we appreciate it. We will make more frequent updates here on our blog, even if it's just to say we are still working on things. We will send another email when we announce our expected shipping schedule. With your continued support, we will get there. It has been a an honor having your support for our product. 

All the best from Alameda, CA 

The Naked Filter Team 

P.S - We look forward to seeing all of your adventures once you have your bottles! Tag us on Instagram @nakedfilter and #nakedfilter so we can see where and how you are using the bottle. In the mean time please follow us on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter for more regular updates.

Scott Roeder
Scott Roeder