The Update You Deserve - Naked Filter

The Update You Deserve

This is not a test. The time has come and we are ready to fulfill orders! As you can see in the images below, we’ve upgraded the bottle design. We added a “rib” to create a “neck” in the bottle. This increases the rigidity of the bottle and improves the seal of the bottle lip to the bottle cap. We expect this upgrade, along with the modifications to the cap we described earlier to result in strong seal and minimize the chance of leaking. The result: better performance for you. We hope you’ll be pleased with the drinking experience.

We will be receiving components periodically over the next 6 weeks and the final assembly/packout will take place at our headquarters in Alameda, CA. It may take up to 8-10 weeks from now to receive your reward. You will receive an automated email from our shipping system with a USPS tracking number when your reward ships.

Thanks for your patience, as we got this bottle right for you. They say success is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration — but that probably underestimates the perspiration part. We are shipping you this bottle with great pride and with deep gratitude for your support.

All the best from Alameda, 

The Naked Filter Team

Scott Roeder
Scott Roeder