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Thank you for your continued support and enthusiasm for our product. We know you are eager to receive the product. Believe us, we are eager to ship it! Since our last update at the end of October, we’ve been working crazy hard to finalize the product. We take our responsibility to our customers seriously.

The filter you pledged for removes 99.9999% of bacteria and cysts (including e.coli, cryptosporidium, giardia and many other contaminants) from your drinking water and is good to the last drop. To guarantee that high standard, we are testing every single one of the filters in our lab in Alameda, California. This is a challenging process that required us to create new test procedures and purchase new equipment. We are committed to your safety and health. 

Previously, we mentioned we discovered a few product issues. The main issue was occasional leaking of water at the bottle cap seal that appeared depending on how some consumers interact with the bottle. To address this leak over the last month we have made a number of incremental tweaks to the bottle threads, the cap gasket, and the blow molding of the bottle. That approach was not sufficient to eliminate 100% of the leaking, and so we decided to upgrade the design of the cap and bottle to improve the sealing mechanism. However, this new design does require modifying both steel production molds. (We will publish photos of the new parts, showing the changes, as soon as we have them.) 

Modifying the molds takes some time, and then we need to validate the upgraded seal. We are committed to doing it right. Therefore, we don’t want to announce specific shipping times for your rewards until we are totally confident about the improved design. We’ll let you know right away when we lock down dates. 

As the filter is working great, field testing showed a high percentage of satisfied users, and the leaks are incidental, we decided to fulfill our promise to the “Naked Evangelist” (early-bird) backers by fulfilling their rewards now. This gives them a special opportunity to try the Naked Filter in its current version. We will follow-up with them to make sure they are satisfied with the product. 

We are hopeful that the upgrade to the sealing mechanism will result in a great final product and allow us to begin fulfilling all rewards soon. We will keep you updated as we make further progress. 

Thank you again for believing in us and our mission to bring clean water to every body. 

With all the best from Alameda, 

The Naked Filter Team

Water below cap shows the leak. We are upgrading the interface between the cap and the bottle to eliminate 100% of the leaking.